Ty Walker as

Ty Walker as

Role: Healer

Type: Light

The One

Black Swan Newbie

Ty Walker worked for The Circle all his adult life, and slowly rose through the ranks to head accountant of their health department.
Unfortunately, he was advised to stop asking questions after telling his superior about recent financial discrepancies linked to their imminent product launch.

Soon after, he was about to be accused of stealing a medical hologram projector and would have gone to jail if not for the help of Mia, a Black Swan hacker.

Having been warned of the scheme, he actually snuck into the R&D lab and ran away with the hologram prototype, joining the Black Swan team only hours before this mission.

Rosie O’Sullivan as

Rosie O’Sullivan as

Role: DPS

Type: Construction


Black Swan Demolitions Expert

Born in a small suburb of Dublin, Rosie O’Sullivan was raised by a family of construction workers. She went to college to study engineering and decided to become a demolitions expert.

After working 8 years for a subsidiary of The Circle, destroying housing blocks in poor neighborhoods to make way for new high-end construction, she quit when they asked her to tear down her childhood home.

She then joined Black Swan as an engineering expert and helps poor communities rebuild their homes after disasters.

Mathew Jamal as

Mathew Jamal as

Role: Tank

Type: Sound

MC Jammer

Black Swan Communications Expert

Mathew Jamal studied cryptography and advanced mathematics for over 10 years. He created a series of algorithms to transmit hidden messages through audio files.

Black Swan discovered that after work, he was secretly a DJ on Black Bird Radio under the aliass MC Jammer and decided to recruit him to help them transmit their hidden messages through the radio station’s music.

MC Jammer is a crucial asset for Black Swan, as he is their only link with many of their members, who receive information solely through his sweet sweet jams!

Johnny Tselatra as

Johnny Tselatra as

Role: Sniper

Type: Electricity


Black Swan Technological Innovations Director

At a very young age, the Malagasy government recognized Johnny Tselatra for his technical predispositions. He then became famous for inventing a bio-electronic crystal based solar panel that was over ten times as efficient as its predecessors.

He is the main reason Black Swan have grown past the use of fossil fuels, mainly by designing numerous high-output passive energy sources.

His high capacity for minutia and detail-oriented work make him one of the team’s best marksmen. It is said he can hit a fly at over 200 meters with his patented bio-electrical phaser.

Dharma Pawar as

Dharma Pawar as

Role: Support

Type: Speed


Black Swan Elite Courrier

Running, parkour and martial arts are Dharma Pawar’s way of life. She had won numerous medals in multiple disciplines before the age of 17. She was chosen to represent India at the Olympics at the age of 18 and sponsored by The Circle Inc who tried to get her to take performance enhancing drugs.

When she refused, they had her disqualified and did all they could to ruin her promising career. Black Swan immediately seized the opportunity and employed her as a high-value courrier, tasked with transporting valuable information and objects between their team members.

She is swift, reactive and reliable, which makes her the perfect woman for this job. She’ll be back with the Quantum Fuse in a jiffy!

Janus as

Janus as

Role: Healer

Type: Leadership

The Black Swan

Black Swan Leader

Nobody knows exactly where Janus came from, nor what he did before founding Black Swan. But it is clear that he has unparalleled skills as a leader.

But he is not just a leader, he is part of Black Swan alongside all of his collaborators. He is always the first to put himself in danger and help those who need it.

Black Swan’s top R&D team has recently developed a helmet that should allow Janus to link his thoughts directly with those of surrounding team members, effectively lending them his knowledge and skills.

Mia as

Mia as

Role: Support

Type: Hacking

White Rabbit

Black Swan Top Hacker

As a young adult Mia joined an underground Cyberpunk movement in Warsaw and was taught to be a hacker. In only a couple of years, she surpassed all of her peers, becoming one of the best hackers of her generation at the age of 19.

While tracking down a rival hacker through the web, she was lured into a trap and accused of penetrating the Pentagon’s security system to steal classified information. When they learned of this incident, fellow hackers affiliated to Black Swan took matters into their own hands and got the charges dropped.

Since then, she has gained much trust from her fellows at Black Swan, and is considered by some to be their leader’s right arm.

Kaarina Kielo as

Kaarina Kielo as

Role: Control

Type: Cold

Black Swan Head Microbiologist

The daughter of a famous mountaineer, Kaarina Kielo grew up on the summits of all the tallest peaks. She earned her nickname when she reached the summit of K2 at the age of 14.

After graduating from a biology degree at the University of Helsinki, with cryogenic preservation as her thesis subject, she joined the researchers at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault for 4 years.

She soon discovered that The Circle was breaking the regulations and smuggling genetically modified seeds into the vault’s collection. With the help of Black Swan’s legal team, she brought them to justice.